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Manufacturers & Suppliers of One Pack

When you join our high-performing dynamic team, you are part of a culture which values innovation, individual contribution, social inclusion and ethical standards. We are bold and seek disruption be it our competitors, customers or partners and thereby build a more sustainable future. Our position as one of the prominent leaders in PVC market provides us the motivation to make a change. We are a family-owned company with a strong DNA deeply rooted and proud of our history.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of PVC Raw Materials

Why RKVK ?
RKVK Chemicals
We have our own plant of manufacturing various chemicals like PVC HEAT STABILIZER , so we have wide variety of grades with respect to customer demand. Our main aim is to provide all chemicals with constant quality whole year . We use best raw materials only one or two raw material purchase from local INDIA otherwise other raw materials import from foreign companies to maintain quality and best performance.

Best PVC Raw Materials in Punjab India

RKVK Chemicals
RKVK offers an extensive and diverse set of raw materials for PVC Products. Leveraging years of industry experience and our global research & development teams, we are able to provide guidance on how to best utilize our chemicals and are capable of creating custom products to achieve the desired benefits of our customers end products. We strive to innovate and develop our products in order to provide cutting edge technology with our cost-effective formulations.
Four Pillars Of Our Company
Quality Commitment
Timely Delivery
Research & Development

Manufacturer & Supplier of C.S Calcium Stearates

RKVK Chemicals
RKVK have long years of experience is offering on-time delivery, which is extremely important. We have experience in offering transportation and specialized handling services of various kinds of logistics enables us to offer best service to our chemical customers in various parts of INDIA.. We well-understand the needs of our customers , who require urgent . This understanding has been a key factor in our business success. Over the years, we have achieved the competency to provide specialist services with ongoing addition of new features to enable our esteemed clients to maintain a competitive edge. RKVK manage the delivery and supply with a perfect end to end experience, in terms of timing, documentation and fast support for any problems in customer destination.
Manufacturer & Supplier of Calcium Carbonate Powder
Quality System
RKVK Chemicals
In our plant laboratory the latest technologic devices are used by our experienced staff, every step of production process is being kept under continuous control with analysis and measurement procedures. Calibration and maintenance of our analysis devices are performed regularly. Samples are taken continuously at the stage of production with this way, we keep the same quality in our products at all the time. Beside R&D studies, various types of test are made on regular base in our laboratory.
Manufacturer & Supplier of One Pack
Research & Development Centre
RKVK Chemicals
We support our customer in all industries to develop new products, to address competitions and help them to create an edge in their market. With time to time we launch new chemicals and colours for different products image into market. WE covers many types of colours used in various pvc products like conduit pipe, foaming garden pipe, pvc rigid pipe, pvc panel, PVC foaming boards as well as we also deal in printing ink which are used for stamping on pvc pipes. We hold the sustainable development concept to create new field for colours application with science strength,and making our future more safe,clean,and green. It greatly improve the precision and stability of the product.
RKVK Chemicals