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When you join our high-performing dynamic team, you are part of a culture which values innovation, individual contribution, social inclusion and ethical standards. We are bold and seek disruption be it our competitors, customers or partners and thereby build a more sustainable future. Our position as one of the prominent leaders in PVC market provides us the motivation to make a change. We are a family-owned company with a strong DNA deeply rooted and proud of our history.
Manufacturers & Suppliers of PVC Heat Stabilizers

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PVC Stabilizer One Pack
Heat Stabilizer
PVC is a high-strength thermoplastic material widely used in applications such as PVC RIGID PIPES, PVC CONDUIT PIPES, PVC PANEL, PVC FOAMING BOARDS and many more.
C.S Calcium
Stearates manufacturing is a simple process but difficult to perfect, as the optimum combination of all properties has to be delicately maintained. RKVK is one of the leading.
CPE Chlorinated
Poly Ethylene
CPE 135A is mainly used as an impact modifier for rigid PVC. Three-dimensional network structure can be formed in rigid PVC products by correct processing.
Carbonate Powder
We import from EGYPT and Vietnam Uncoated Calcium Carbonate Powder Only 20 Microns Particle Size Grade RKVK 15, GC 2000, VK 1600. Our Uncoated range of Ground.
Our company specializes in the production and sale of Optical Brightening Agent series products, which are wide used in plastic, coating, ink, detergent, textile.
Titanium Dioxide
Rutile Grade
NR950 high-performance rutile Titanium Dioxide and by-product NH9330 type black Iron oxide have passed the new product technical evaluation in Jiangsu province.
Lubricating Oil &
Dop Drum
LUBRICATING OIL is a item in transparent liquid form having less viscosity which formed from refineries of iran and then export to india It increase the flow.
Pigments Colours
of all Indus
Pigments are insoluble and are applied not as solutions but as finely ground solid particles mixed with a liquid. In general, the same pigments are employed in.
Processing Aids
PROCESSING AIDS are used in many PVC applications including rigid foam, pipe, window profile, trimboard, and sheet. Our range of processing aids are.
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PVC LUBRICANTS are used in many PVC applications including rigid foam, pipe, window profile, trimboard, and sheet. Our range of pvc lubricants are dedicated to the.
Local Indian
Calcium PCC & GCC
We deal in local calcium PCC as well as GCC also PCC calcium max chemicals pvt ltd. plant based Chandpur, Bijnor Uttar Pradesh.
We also deal in paraffin wax import from IRAN as well as we deal in PE WAX import from CHINA.
We are stockist of various STEARIC ACID Brands like Sheel Chand Agroils Pvt Ltd Rudrapur, Godrej District Grade, Adani Cosmetic Grade.
We always deal in PVC regrind JAPAN origin based, not local india based Calcium content not more than 6 percent.
Industry We Serve
Manufacturers & Suppliers of CPE Chlorinated Poly Ethylene

Industry We Serve

  •  PVC Rigid Pressure Pipes
  •  PVC Coloumn Pipes
  •  C-PVC Pipes
  •  PVC Conduit Pipes
  •  Garden Foaming Pipes
  •  PVC Panels
  •  PVC Foaming Board
  •  Rubber Industry
  •  Paper Industry
  •  Paint Industry
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